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Epiq Angle’s Gift to You: The Top Blogs of 2022

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When reviewing this year’s blog posts, there was an overwhelming focus on how emerging technologies fit into the business and legal landscapes. As hybrid work models continue to thrive, organizations are figuring out how to best manage data, equip teams with the right tools, and anticipate new endeavors like the metaverse. Legal and investigatory teams continue to find innovative ways to use AI and adapt to the changing workforce while still keeping ethics as a top concern.

We wanted to look back at the topics our readers loved this year and hope it brings excitement for what is on the horizon in 2023. To all our readers of the Epiq Angle, we send holiday and new year wishes to you! We appreciate your support now and in the future.

Five Popular Blogs

Each year, we analyze the click rates for our blog posts to see what is trending with our readers. The most popular topics included using AI for proactive analysis, information governance best practices in the era of remote work, potential metaverse challenges, the intersection of ethics and modern law, and trending crypto bankruptcies.

Check out our top five blogs below:

Artificial Intelligence: Using Advanced Analytics to Detect Conduct and Patterns of Behavior

Five Critical Considerations in a Hybrid Work Environment: Information Governance

How will the Metaverse Influence Business and Legal Processes?

Key Ethical Obligations in the Era of Modern Law

Cryptocurrency and Bankruptcy –The Unknown Frontier

The contents of this article are intended to convey general information only and not to provide legal advice or opinions.

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