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Case Study: Multinational Tech Company Utilizes Factual Analysis to Create Early Case Strategy​

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Multinational Technology Giant



Client need

Obtain valuable insight into data sets early in the discovery process

The client, a large multinational technology company, collected millions of documents related to internal policies that affected all employees. The client was proactively preparing for litigation and needed to understand the decision making process over a ten year period. Finding the facts across several million documents seemed a Herculean task.

Client solution

A comprehensive case strategy and workflow to identify early case insights

An Epiq analyst used advanced analytics, investigatory searching and pattern processing to identify key areas to investigate across a collection of millions of documents. By focusing on extracted phrases, communication patterns, and sentiment analysis, the analyst was able to identify potentially interesting documents as well as project code names that might raise concern.

The Epiq analyst identified 23 potentially significant documents that were escalated to the case team for review. They also removed 43,000 non-relevant communications. Lastly, the legal team was made aware of a collection of documents that were extremely personal, all to be removed.

Why Epiq

The client needed Epiq’s expertise and consultative approach to early case assessment, knowing that Epiq could also provide the right innovative technology solution.

Client Quote: “The insights presented enabled the legal team to quickly identify critical updates to the preservation and collection parameters. This issue identified at the end of discovery would be extremely costly. When reviewing key documents found through the process, counsel commented that ‘this was exactly what they were looking for.”

Results and Benefits


into possible risks


of key facts and decisions related to core issues


towards efficient and streamlined discovery