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Reuse of work product for serial cases leads to significant time and expense savings

  • General

client need

Efficient review processes for a series of disputes with a high concentration of documents in Japanese

The client, a large global technology institution, was in a series of disputes with the same opposing party pertaining to the same claims. The majority of data for these claims was written in Japanese and the client’s domestic in-house legal team and outside counsel were limited in Japanese fluency.

why Epiq?

Since Epiq had a large amount of the client’s potentially relevant data on hand from previous matters, the client immediately called upon the Epiq Managed Services team, who were able to develop a workflow that minimized risk and delivered cost savings.

Epiq Solution

Create a database of reviewed documents for use across multiple cases

The serial nature of the client’s dispute meant the same data could be utilized in multiple cases. Epiq was able to ingest data from existing documents, metadata, and work product to easily separate documents that had been previously reviewed and make them immediately available for all cases. All future reviewed documents would also become available for all matters. This process helped avoid the risk of the same data being handled differently across separate matters with the same opposing party. Epiq was able to provide a Japanese-based team for review, translation, and research of the Japanese documents.