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If improperly handled, healthcare liens impose significant payment delays and put all parties to a settlement (plaintiff, defendant, and the respective counsels) at risk for financial and legal consequences. The Epiq lien resolution team designs and delivers programs that eliminate unnecessary delays and protect favorable outcomes for all parties involved.

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In mass tort and individual personal injury cases, our healthcare lien resolution team specializes in determining what obligations each party bears in notifying and paying healthcare insurers. Our service ensures that you are meeting your professional obligation to your client, and keeping the client in good standing with their healthcare insurer and the governing laws and regulations. It is crucial that an attorney properly identify and resolve any obligations to a healthcare insurer that are part of settlement, because failure to resolve a lien can, among other consequences, result in the revocation of a claimant’s eligibility for healthcare coverage and financial damages.

By utilizing the healthcare lien resolution services from Epiq, your staff is spared the heavy responsibility of determining obligations to pay healthcare insurers. With Epiq handling these obligations, we enable you to focus on your core goal: advocating for your client.

Medicare Set Aside (MSA)

In some personal injury settlements, a portion of the plaintiff’s settlement award is earmarked for future medical care. If the plaintiff is a Medicare beneficiary, the government expects those funds to be set aside to cover any future costs of care related to the injury covered by the settlement. Failing to properly estimate the cost of future care, inappropriate allocations of the award, or spending those dollars incorrectly can result in penalties from Medicare. Epiq resolves these complex issues through our Future Medical Allocation services. Our expert team creates customized Medicare Set Aside (MSA) accounts through our subsidiary, Affiance Partners, in order to set up and administer the MSA account so that claimants’ future healthcare needs are met, while appropriately considering Medicare’s interest.

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