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Payee Services

Our in-house contact center means seamless ongoing program support.

Once we’re in touch with participants, we support them seamlessly through completion, from filing a claim form to successfully negotiating a payment. We facilitate and resolve a variety of situations on your behalf, such as those involving bankruptcy, legal name changes, legal representatives, incapacity, estates, heirs, next of kin, divorced payees, dissolved entities, and escheatment. 

The entire team assigned to your matter completes comprehensive, project-specific training, followed by ongoing evaluation, coaching, and support. We communicate with participants via phone, email, online chat, and other channels. We can also provide you with customized Americans with Disabilities Act services and foreign language support in 200+ languages.

Negotiate payments with ease and efficiency. Find out more about Epiq's Payee services and capabilities.


Lauran Schultz

Managing Director


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