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Review Services

Tested review solutions ensure a sustained record of success in complex and multistage document reviews.

When your settlement requires complex or multistage reviews of customer documents and data, our tested review solutions boast a strong track record of success. In mortgage matters, this may include origination, underwriting, loan servicing, default, collection, loss mitigation, loan modification, forbearance, and/or foreclosure. Each review we conduct for you is tailored to your specific requirements, including agreed-upon procedures, staffing, and quality assurance standards. Our reviewers typically include loan processors, underwriters, paralegals, and contract attorneys, as needed for your project. 

If your settlement requires review by your own personnel, regulatory personnel, and/or an independent third party, we’ll customize our secure Epiq Facilitatorâ„  web portal to meet your specific needs. This will enable multiple parties to work together via a common database, with a full audit trail and access only to those you authorize.

Document and Data Review from highly-experienced subject matter experts. Learn more about Epiq's Review services.


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