SCOTUS Ruling has Far-Reaching Effects on Employment Litigation and Class Action

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that companies can prohibit workers from bringing class action suits over workplace issues. This affects an estimated 25 million employment contracts, and has far-reaching implications in wage and hour litigation and beyond. Click here to read what this means for you.

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Participation Rates in Government Regulatory Settlements and other High-Scrutiny Settlements

Participation rates in regulatory settlements that include a remediation component routinely reach 75% to 95%. In a regulatory settlement, the regulator will often insist on a high participation rate. Unless they can demonstrate that affected people have received restitution or remediation, they have understandable concerns about potential criticism from legislators, the judiciary, the press, think tanks and academics. Likewise, in high-scrutiny civil settlements, the court supervising the settlement can have similar concerns about a low participation rate while objectors may delay settlement finality if it cannot be demonstrated that eligible people have benefitted. Read on to learn about legal notice and other tactics to increase participation rates

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A Financial Industry Guide to Choosing a Third-Party Consent Order Administrator

Financial institutions face rising scrutiny from regulators, and regulatory investigations are increasingly common. Sometimes, settlement and a resulting consent order is necessary to resolve the investigation. Reaching an agreement on terms is an important milestone, but it’s not the end of the story.

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