Charting a Course

Charting a Course

Together, we bring unmatched expertise and a data and technology-led approach to help you transform the business of law.

November 12, 2020

We’re pleased to announce that Epiq has acquired Hyperion Global Partners (HGP)

The acquisition expands our ability to offer consulting to law departments and law firms, including legal operations, transformation and technology enablement solutions. Hyperion Research, a leading source of independent market research and advisory services which provides insights on legal strategy operations and technology trends for the legal industry, is also now part of Epiq.

Our combined team will allow us to provide our clients with greater access to legal consulting experts, data and intelligence than ever before.  Read the press release here.

To create efficiencies and better business outcomes, Epiq will guide you through a logical, step-by-step process to:

  • Understand your current state and help plan your future state.
  • Benchmark your operational maturity against the full range of the possible.
  • Take stock of which improvement opportunities are most valuable and relevant, based on the dynamics of the business you serve.
  • Prioritize initiatives by the investment and effort required, factoring in risk management and expected ROI.
  • Measure and document progress through the entire process.
Strategies for Success

Strategies for Success

We provide legal spend management, contracts management, and legal department consulting to drive transformation.

Legal spend management focuses on the ability to control costs by identifying waste, improving outcomes, and providing data-driven insights that advance a more businesslike delivery model within the legal department.

Contracts management maximizes business performance while reducing risk through process optimization, technology selection, project-based contract analysis and review, and outsourced contract management.

Law department consulting helps to identify and manage the best combination of resources, processes, and technologies to reduce overall legal cost while minimizing risk to the company and increasing value to the business.

The Right Mix of Legal Transformation Drivers

The Right Mix of Legal Transformation Drivers

While it is true that you need the right people with the right skill sets, the right processes (documented, automated and tested) enabled by the right technology (optimized and integrated), there is an important fourth element that cannot be forgotten: intelligence.  This includes KPIs, metrics, business and legal data analysis which sits in the center of the other three transformation drivers. It is this element that enables game-changing advancement in legal department maturity.  Epiq brings business intelligence to light.



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