Data Privacy

Privacy regulations and cross-border data transfers drive need for data management initiatives

A massive rise in personal data collection, cyber breach incidents, and the growing regularity of cross-border data transfers has spurred new global privacy laws, such as the EU’s GDPR, California’s CCPA, and many others, have upended the way organizations track data usage.

Organizations need a scalable way to discover:
  • What data they have

  • How it is used

  • Where it exists

  • Who has access to it

  • Where it flows

  • How it is protected

Organizations must maintain detailed ongoing records for data compliance.

A common problem

Creating and maintaining a data inventory is central to most Information Governance/Privacy Initiatives. Traditionally, data privacy and security leaders have attempted to administrate this process through spreadsheets and traditional risk management solutions. However, these data inventory and mapping initiatives frequently stall due to lack of resources, time and technology and, notably, the result is found to be incomplete or outdated.

Epiq solution

By leveraging OneTrust Privacy Management Software, Epiq assists with data mapping and inventory by researching relevant requirements, creating questionnaires and interviews, discovering assets/ business processes and implementing technology to demonstrate and maintain ongoing compliance through granular reports and dashboard visuals.

Benefits of successful data mapping with Epiq:

  • Centralize processing activities and inventory into a single platform for a unified privacy approach

  • Meet GDPR Article 30 (and other global laws) with templated reporting and customization tools

  • Gain a comprehensive view of data transfers and locate assets with a visual cross-border data map

  • Auto-generate data lineage diagrams to visually represent your organization’s data flows

  • Schedule automated re-assessments on a recurring basis to help maintain compliance over time

  • Keep data up-to-date with auto-triggered assessments when processing activities or assets change

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