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Epiq connects the best people, processes, and technologies for the industry’s most powerful, efficient, and defensible managed legal document review solutions.

Announcement on March 20, 2020 — Epiq Document Review Services Responds to COVID-19 Crisis with a newly engineered remote review solution that is highly secure, easy to navigate, and legally defensible.  Read more.

Leadership in our industry makes Epiq among the first to comprehensively bring document review beyond ‘documents’ to ‘data.’ Our clients need to efficiently collect and analyze an exploding amount of data from an expanding range of sources. Data’s inherent sensitivity, including privileged information, means a robust combination of human and machine intelligence is required to enable its analysis and security.

Expertise is the cornerstone of every successful review. Epiq’s review team members—from senior leaders, review managers, and technology consultants, to our attorney reviewers—bring the right mix of education, vertical expertise, and analogous matter experience to drive the most powerful results. Our review managers are excellent communicators, and their close partnership, along with deep review experience in specific matter types and industries will help form the critical review strategies for litigation, internal corporate investigations and regulatory reviews. Our global team includes:

  • 8 directors with extensive legal practice experience at prominent law firms, corporations, and government agencies
  • 60 review managers and technology consultants skilled in deploying complex analytics workflows and technologies, setting up review databases for maximum efficiency, and managing the day-to-day operations of our attorney review teams
  • 15 review technology industry experts who continuously review new and existing tools within the market and ensure our teams understand which tools to deploy for specific matter and data types
  • 12 full time attorney recruiting professionals who bring reviewers with relevant experience to each project
  • 30K+ database of vetted review attorneys with documented skills, background checks, Bar admission checks, conflict checks, experience, languages, locations, and more
  • 2,165 seats available worldwide

Epiq is keenly aware of the principle that guides our clients – establishing “reasonable” compliance with relevant discovery principles. We know from experience that starting with solid foundational activities and stringent best practices leads to success, and we apply a consultative approach to support and guide you throughout your engagement. We also know that while review continues to demand a significant share of eDiscovery investment, following these best practices can help reduce costs.

  • Clear guidelines: We help our clients develop a thoughtful and articulated set of discovery guidelines that are operationalized and enforced.
  • Memorialized process: Our teams carefully memorialize the review process so our clients can explain any decisions made and steps taken, which is especially important when deploying technology tools.
  • Quality control: Epiq review managers run a comprehensive set of quality control validations designed to ensure consistency and accuracy, and to identify privileged content. The review managers work closely with counsel to ensure that a defensible process is in place, and maintained.
  • Daily reporting: Epiq review managers provide daily reports and intelligence that help guide strategic decisions made by counsel.
  • Secure review centers: All of our review centers across the global provide a “clean room” approach to review with “thin client” terminals for reviewers.
  • Global footprint when needed: Privacy laws can require personal data to stay in its country of origin. Our process can include reviewers in multiple countries working under the guidance of a single review manager.

The strategic use of technology can have a dramatic impact on cost, consistency, and accuracy. Today, a multitude of technologies and tools are available to improve the review process, ranging from review accelerators that facilitate working with different types of data or performing discrete activities, to advanced analytics that significantly reduce review populations. The Epiq technology-assisted review (TAR) industry experts evaluate each new tool, practice, and idea offered by established eDiscovery technology partners and innovative startups to create a portfolio of options.

To aid in tool selection and best practices for the use of each tool and practice, Epiq employs a consultative, proactive, and iterative approach through the review process, utilizing metrics and rigorous sampling protocols to provide a defensible approach.

  • Review efficiency technology to streamline the review process (email threading, near duplicate analysis, foreign language identification)
  • Review Prioritization TAR technology for significant reduction in review content (Continuous Active Learning/Predictive Coding, Clustering, Domain Analysis)
  • Sensitive data identification and handling technology to help ensure error-free processing (Privilege identification and logs, PII identification, redaction)
  • Data conversion technology for non-traditional data types (Convert recorded calls, videos, images)
  • Investigation technology to find the needle in the haystack.

After the review, Epiq’s highly credentialed teams have experience explaining technology tools to our clients and their adversaries, as well as to government agencies and investigators. Our careful memorialization process means that all decisions made and steps taken are readily available.

Epiq can provide legal talent with any type of experience for needs that fall outside of standard review services. 

  • Extra help when needed: review support at your location
    Epiq can provide a talented team at your site, managing all HR and payroll-related functions, and freeing you up to oversee and manage the day-to-day activities and all work product completed by the review team.
  • Our house is your house: manage a review at an Epiq Review Center
    Epiq can provide your team with project space and talented reviewers at an Epiq Review Center. Take advantage of our secure facilities that include reviewer workstations and training facilities, offices for Counsel to manage the review, and IT support.
  • Specialized help: contract management services
    Our review team members have capabilities and expertise that extend beyond document and data review. Utilize Epiq’s contract management services for help with drafting, redlining, contract review, information abstraction such as dates or clauses, obligation tracking, and risk analysis.

The principal goal of the Epiq eDiscovery team is to manage the collection, processing, analysis/review and production of our clients’ data in a cost-efficient and legally defensible manner.  Our data project managers, review managers and technology consultants strive to create and deliver a seamless experience that assures that highest level of quality at the lowest cost. We call this “integrated discovery.”

Relying on significant advancements in the power and scope of technology, Epiq has transformed the end-to-end eDiscovery process from a series of distinct phases into a more collaborative approach between Epiq teams and legal counsel, as well as among the various Epiq professionals involved in a project. Key benefits:

  • Open communications: One eDiscovery provider takes full responsibility for the process and results
  • Streamlined process: Enhanced ability to streamline the analysis and review of data, including testing the efficacy of search terms, modifying the application of Technology Assisted Review (TAR) methodologies and setting up coding and quality control layouts
  • Optimized workflows: Technology structures and workflows for maximum efficiency and smooth project execution
  • Improved reporting: Standardized and transparent reporting that details the status of the data, the impact of deploying a wide array of analytics tools, the progress and cost of the review
  • Unified account management and security: Pre-defined and tested escalation protocols when urgent needs or project adjustments are required
  • Enhanced quality control: An effective means of conducting pre-production quality control to assure an accurate and timely production of data

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