AACER Bankruptcy Trustee Payment Services

Simplified and automated AACER cashiering services

AACER cashiering automates the tracking and management of trustee payments across your entire portfolio. This allows you to minimize the time to post payments, better utilize your team, and reduce the cost and risk associated with the misapplication of trustee payments.  

Traditionally, a trustee delivers vouchers and payments to a creditor using various sources, such as mail, email, etc. Then, once the voucher or payment is received, an individual is responsible for manually identifying which payments are associated with which loans and accounts, and finally processes the payments. This manually intensive process requires meaningful spend on staffing, is prone to human error, and can cause material delays between the time payments are received and posted. 

AACER cashiering uses our proprietary algorithms to automatically retrieve trustee payment data and match the data to your corresponding loans. Once a match is made, the payment voucher information is then available to provide accurate posting instructions for applying payments within your accounting system or system of record. This eliminates the manual payment notification and matching process. Funds are reflected accurately in your system within days. Additionally, matched results may be delivered directly into your system with an API to further eliminate manual posting work. 

Recapture income and reduce cost and risk with AACER cashiering services. 

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