Continuous active learning and advanced analytics by NexLP allows client to meet compressed arbitration schedule

The Challenge

Our client, a large automobile manufacturer, faced an extremely tight discovery and arbitration schedule for business and strategic reasons. The company agreed to commence and complete discovery in six weeks time and complete the entire arbitration process in under four months. When Epiq was engaged, the client had a few sets of targeted material, but electronically stored information (ESI) collection, review, and production had not yet commenced. Working closely with the client’s internal legal and eDiscovery teams, Epiq helped design and implement an end-to-end work flow for the project to meet the six week production deadline. In so doing, Epiq relied heavily on the best and latest technologies and took numerous steps to minimize costs while maximizing efficiencies.

The Solution

Epiq implemented a unified solution managed by the corporate managed services team leveraging collection, technology-assisted review, project management, and review.

The Execution

To start, Epiq was able to quickly begin collecting custodial ESI utilizing our collection team embedded within client’s eDiscovery team. The close integration and behind the firewall access and knowledge this team has allowed collection to begin almost immediately, saving valuable time. This was only made possible only by our closely-knit relationship with client and our team who works closely with them daily.

As data quickly became available for processing, review, and production, we simultaneously made work flow and technology arrangements that would ensure we efficiently and defensibly culled the data in a manner that allowed us to begin processing immediately. In this instance, we employed the NexLP tool and took advantage of its Continuous Active Learning capabilities. This allowed us to utilize analytics while commencing review immediately on a set of targeted data, while simultaneously training the system.

The Results

As a result of the work flow and process employed, we culled roughly 1M documents down to approximately 60,000 which went through first level review with a cost under $60,000 or less than $1 per document. It also allowed us to complete our review within a month of collection of over 1 TB of data. As a bonus outside counsel is now utilizing NexLP’s early case assessment and sentiment tools to assist them as they prepare for the arbitration, leveraging the existing analytics and work product to more efficiently focus their efforts on the conceptual level, saving additional time and costs.

The end result is hundreds of thousands of dollars in review savings, thousands of hours saved, and countless headaches avoided. The client viewed this as a huge win as they were able to successfully meet an aggressive schedule while saving money. They also now have the ability to use this process and technology on future matters for future cost savings.



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