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Epiq Discovery is a cloud-based eDiscovery platformEpiq Discovery is a cloud-based end-to-end eDiscovery platform, with a pioneering user interface that maximizes user experience. It is based on simplicity and ease of use, but it also fulfills rigorous business requirements. Epiq Discovery supports hundreds of file formats and features proprietary analytic tools, highly configurable review layouts, and a variety of workflow automation options. Customers have the ability to remotely collect data directly from a range of sources with the option to process the collection instantaneously. The content is automatically analyzed, extracted, and indexed for filtering to quickly identify and prioritize documents that are critical to the review.

With Epiq Discovery, you can process and review documents in minutes! Just log in and our friendly tutorials will guide you on your way. We have spent thousands of hours refining the interface to maximize the user experience. Spend less time learning to use the platform, and more time getting work done!
Epiq Discovery offers a variety of integrated tools like email threading / near-dupe detection, concept searches, multi-media viewers, and more that can help you manage your costs both through greater efficiency and through eliminating the need to pay third-party licensing costs.
Epiq Discovery is hosted in the cloud and accessible anywhere. Users can access it wherever they are connected. This includes access while sitting in a courtroom checking responsive documents right before a trial or accessing real time data and status of the review. For road warriors, the ability to access the software and data when they need it can change the nature of a case.

The security of the Epiq Discovery application and of the underlying data–encrypted in transit and at rest - is our highest priority. Epiq Discovery customers benefit from a data center, network and application security architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

Collection and processing

Epiq Discovery delivers the most powerful data collection and processing in the industry. Epiq Discovery makes data collection simple, able to target multiple sources including email services, cloud storage, and social media. Excavating deep into data files, Epiq Discovery Processing fully extracts metadata, text, embedded objects, and domains, so you don’t miss information critical to your matter. With the constant evolution of file types, our software engineers continually strengthen Epiq Discovery to handle a wide range of diverse data formats. With Epiq Discovery, your data is always at your fingertips.

Analysis, review and production

Vast amounts of data are stored across the globe in differing formats, file types and languages. The cost for discovering this data is growing, and flawless execution is required from start to finish. Epiq Discovery is laser-focused on analysis and review efficiency. The Epiq Discovery platform equips you with essential discovery management tools to achieve an efficient, intelligent assessment and review.

With Epiq Discovery’s platform, you get: 

  • Advanced analytical features to triage your data early in the discovery process and identify documents vital to your matter
  • An automated workflow that reduces the risk of human error and keeps data and crucial steps from falling through the cracks
  • Foreign language capabilities via fully-customizable workflows that support 195+ languages
  • Secure multi-party project collaboration
  • Increase review speeds by up to three times, dramatically reducing document review costs

In addition, you can see the critical set of data that gives you better control over your eDiscovery work including:

  • The stage in which the data resides
  • Where each data source has been
  • The data and custodians included in the current data set Data size and document count

Epiq Discovery Workflow

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Epiq Discovery  

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