Corporate Restructuring - Chapter 11

Epiq is the industry leader in helping you solve your corporate restructuring challenges—no matter how complex—with clarity, agility and confidence.

Our hallmark: innovative technology, and superior administrative and consulting support, customized to your needs. 

Unrivaled experience on the leading restructuring cases of our time

Only Epiq can boast of superb performance in the leading, most administratively complex cases of the last two decades—cases like Lehman Brothers, CIT Group, Energy Future Holdings, MF Global, Nortel, Delta Air Lines, Adelphia, WorldCom and Enron.

Vast professional expertise

Our restructuring team is comprised of industry professionals – financial advisors, attorneys and claims agent professionals who have worked at Big Four accounting firms, the largest international law firms and in government agencies. As industry professionals, we are personally accountable, delivering lean, smart teams, dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

Substantive, relevant, technological superiority

Our powerful and intuitive technology tools are a means to support, not burden, the restructuring process. Our highly secure, geographically-dispersed data centers exceed industry standards, safeguarding claimants’ rights and your clients’ critical information.  The bottom line—intuitive, dependable, relevant and secure technology at your disposal throughout all stages of your case.

Platinum standard in solicitation and balloting 

Epiq has built the industry’s most experienced, sought-after balloting team, especially when public securities are involved. We’ve outperformed in hundreds of matters and we continue to develop customized, cutting edge procedures to reduce case time and execution cost.  

Strategic communications 

Our in-house strategic communications team is expert in creating strong communications plans—critical in managing employee, customer and investor perception during uncertain times. Epiq’s strategic communications team can provide impactful, scalable, and cost effective communication to instill confidence and promote stability. 

State-of-the-art core services

From two modern printing facilities with coast-to-coast coverage and 24/7 call centers staffed by highly trained multi-lingual operators, and flexible reliable disbursement services, we never have to outsource, we completely control the process, so you can avoid risk.  Epiq is state-of the-art in corporate restructuring support.



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