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Chapter 11
Escrow Services
and Disbursements

Chapter 11 Escrow and Disbursement services that save you money and limit liability

Potential pitfalls and challenges are inherent in the bankruptcy claims distribution process. This is especially so in a business environment where assets are limited and disgruntled creditors look for deep pockets to sue. Mistakes can result in increased costs and liability, as well as embarrassment for your company, employees and advisors. Epiq bankruptcy experts are uniquely positioned to assist liquidating case professionals and their respective counsel.  Our dedicated Chapter 11 escrow and bankruptcy disbursement teams works with you to coordinate and ensure accurate, timely disbursement of proceeds to creditors.

Epiq delivers disbursement services with maximum security and accuracy. Discover Epiq's escrow and disbursement capabilities today.


How we help you administer an error free bankruptcy disbursement process 

  • We collect all required tax forms and verify all pertinent restructuring information
  • We help calculate cash and security payments by class and establish reserves for disputed claims.
  • We create customized Chapter 11 disbursement schedules.
  • We make disbursements to creditors in cash and can also coordinate the issuance of new stock.

Angharad Bowdler

Director, Client Services

New York

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