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Bankruptcy Notification

Flawless, high-volume bankruptcy notification under the tightest deadlines

With decades of experience and a staff ready to help with any challenge, Epiq delivers flawless, high-volume notifications under the tightest deadlines, anywhere in the world, for restructuring and Chapter 11 bankruptcy matters of any size or scale.

Epiq's advanced printing facilities deliver high-volume creditor notifications under tight deadlines.


Expert-driven planning and execution

Our team of bankruptcy notification professionals, lawyers and financial advisors is ready to meet all your notification needs at a moment’s notice. Our deep bankruptcy expertise, together with decades of restructuring experience working on demanding, high-stakes chapter 11 matters, enables us to consistently deliver superior, cost-effective service and execution.

We design specific mailing processes and protocols and multiple verification tools to mitigate risks associated with high volume bankruptcy notification mailings. We also utilize advanced barcoding for all mailings to ensure efficient tracking and reporting of all undeliverable mail.

Production and distribution readiness and reach

Our state-of-the-art, in-house printing and fulfillment facilities provide you with unmatched high-volume, high-speed printing, fulfillment and mailing/email support services. No matter what size the run or tight your deadline, you can depend on superior print quality, finishing and timely, accurate distribution and follow-up. Only Epiq offers extended bankruptcy notification delivery times, for both first class and overnight mail, for additional flexibility and lower costs.

Brad Tuttle

Senior Managing Director

New York

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