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Committee Solutions

Empowering committees to effectively enforce their rights

Epiq is a leading provider of bankruptcy technology and Chapter 11 expertise for empowering committees to effectively enforce their rights. Our superior bankruptcy service, proprietary restructuring technology and real-world experience—gained over the successful administration of more than 1,000 assignments—means your Chapter 11 committee will get the guidance you desire and the management support you need.

The committees we serve:

  • Official committees of unsecured creditors.
  • Ad hoc bondholder committees.
  • Equity and other committees.

The critical tasks we help committees manage:

  •  Administration: Day-to-day case management.
  • Litigation: Investigation support, due diligence, eDiscovery and forensics.
  • Decision-making: Survey, gather, process and report constituent information.
  • Messaging: Strategic communications and bankruptcy call center support.
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A closer look at Epiq’s offerings, how we help

  • Custom intake and survey

    • Proprietary intake platform and business process automation.
    • Survey and process info from constituents to support decision-making and provide direction; as well as manage examinations.
    • In-house, dedicated onshore and near-shore development teams to provide fast, customized corporate restructuring solutions.
  • Document Review

    • Attorneys and paralegals; fully-managed review or staffing.
    • 2,350+ review seats with room to scale.
    • 195+ languages; 14 review centers worldwide.
  • eDiscovery

    • End-to-end eDiscovery services, including predictive coding, to review and produce client documents and to host and search incoming document productions.

  • Forensics

    • Complete forensic services, including user activity and deleted data analysis.
    • Global data collection across device types and data storage locations, whether internal or cloud-based.
  • Strategic Chapter 11 committee communications

    • Messaging to manage a dialogue with constituents or otherwise help you achieve your goals.

  • Website

    • Secure 24/7 access to the latest case data and bankruptcy claim information.
    • Customized to your specific needs.
  • Print and noticing

    • 2 million+ print copies, 2.4 million+ scanned images daily.
    • Global reach.
    • Effective noticing under the tightest deadlines.
  • Call center

    • 1,000+ call center-ready workstations.
    • Fully integrated VOIP system for voice calls, emails, chats, faxes and SMS.
    • Onsite IVR facilities and recording studio.
  • Consulting

    • Epiq’s corporate restructuring expertise is broad and deep, comprising lawyers, financial advisors, technologists and process experts dedicated to helping you.
  • Hosting and Security

    • State-of-the-art bankruptcy security technology providing continuous protection
    • Intelligent system updates to keep near real time in threat detection
    • Trained and certified security analyst monitoring threats 24/7/365

Strategic communications and strategies for committees to leverage in any bankruptcy matter. Contact an Epiq expert today.


Regina Amporfro

Senior Consultant

New York

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