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Bankruptcy Claims Administration

The corporate restructuring industry’s most experienced team and proven approach ensures dependable, efficient bankruptcy claims administration.

The industry’s tightest and most tested processes and a proven record of quality and service has earned Epiq some of the world’s highest-profile and most complex Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases, including General Motors, Lehman Brothers, CIT, Energy Future Holdings, MF Global, Nortel, Cumulus Media, Delta Air Lines, WorldCom and Enron.

Secure your chapter 11 filing with the most efficient, cost-effective bankruptcy management available. Contact Epiq today.


Where experience leads 

  • Our team is the most experienced restructuring and bankruptcy claims administration team in the industry.
  • We offer a proven, 25+ year record of quality and successful execution.
  • Rigorous internal controls always ensure the integrity and accuracy of your data, as well as process efficiency and added cost savings.
  • We manage all claims docketing, bankruptcy claims register maintenance and noticing, and provide you with 24/7 web access to all relevant filed and scheduled claim information and case data.
  • Your claim forms are customized to your Chapter 11 case requirements, significantly reducing the time and cost of unnecessary bankruptcy claims filing.

Rapid access to case information

Your dedicated web portal gives you constantly updated claim status, including payments, address changes and duplicates, in addition to amended and transferred claims. We also monitor for Schedule of Liability and Claims Register variances, enabling prompt resolution of discrepancies.

Secure, electronic bankruptcy claims filing

Fully Automated Claim Filing Solution That Simplifies The Process 

Our proprietary, court-approved electronic claims filing tool streamlines filing for Chapter 11 claimants and debtors, cutting processing costs and providing you with the most efficient, cost-effective bankruptcy claims management.

Angharad Bowdler

Director, Client Services

New York

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