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Case Study: Client Saves Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars, Epiq Data Engineers Go Beyond the Call of Duty​

  • Financial Services


Financial Services Firm



Client need

The client found a high volume of exported Slack messages (439,321), which required review, and would potentially cost the client $500K. 

Client solution

Epiq could have moved on to review the data, recognizing the client’s position, they developed a solution that saved the client hundreds of thousands of dollars and a significant period of review time. Epiq applied multiple iterative rounds of its standard data mining process and additional investigative approaches. The two culling tracks determined that 94% of the original documents could be excluded, resulting in a final review population of 30,240 documents.

Why Epiq

Epiq’s Cyber Incident Response (CIR) team are industry leaders, sit on many insurance panels and are known to competently handle any size breach and incident response project. Size, scale, and relationships make Epiq a natural choice for a defensible CIR solution that delivers value.

Results and Benefits


unexpected files needing interrogation


in review costs avoided


years of industry experience