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Stellantis enables more with less through Epiq Managed Services

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Stellantis is a multinational auto manufacturing corporation responsible for well-known brands like Chrysler, Dodge, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, and Maserati. As eDiscovery Specialist and Senior Programmer, Kevin Daly oversees eDiscovery operations for the corporation, and for more than eight years, he has relied on Epiq Managed Services.

“They are experts at eDiscovery applications,” Daly says, “and they’ve got very knowledgeable people working for them.” What Daly asks of Epiq is very technical, very specific, and needs to be executed in a particular manner—and Epiq doesn’t disappoint. “They meet our customer needs with our legal team. And if there ever is a slight hiccup or maybe a misunderstanding, it’s fixed immediately.”

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We can turn around and say, ‘Oh, we need more disk space.’ Within a couple hours, boom, we have more disk space.

Consistency of personnel and quality

There were previously three people in Daly’s team. Over time, that’s been whittled down to one person—him. The Epiq team’s consistency and their intimacy with Stellantis procedures makes it possible for Daly to work solo, even as workloads increased three- or four-fold. “This works because we have the same

team,” he attests. “We basically have five Epiq team members, and they haven’t changed in almost four years. They’re very familiar with the firms that we work with, our internal personnel—everyone’s on the same page."

“And when people do have to move on,” Daly adds, “they always backfill with a very qualified person. I really don’t have to train anyone. The new person comes in and they’re off and running, like we never skipped a beat.”

Another factor in the partnership’s longevity is the ease of doing business with Epiq. Daly knows he can contact his Epiq team at any time. “I can easily pick up the phone and call my rep or text him any hour of the day,” he says. In addition, quarterly meetings ensure that business continues to flow smoothly.

Removing the burden of rote tasks

Epiq’s familiarity with the company’s processes allows them to handle standard, repetitive tasks, allowing Daly to concentrate on more valuable work. “Epiq can directly interact with outside counsel,” he declares. “I don’t need to get involved. I don’t have time to get involved considering the volume of work. Epiq’s very good about only directing things to me that require escalation—when there are significant business questions or something’s out of the norm. But since most of what we do is established process, they’re generally proficient on their own.”

Epiq always copies Daly on all communications, “but I can usually scan,” he states. “I see that there’s a request and it’s being handled.

They meet our customer needs with our legal team. And if there ever is a slight hiccup or maybe a misunderstanding, it’s fixed immediately.

Efficiency and scalability in the cloud

Over the past several years, Stellantis has moved away from in-house data storage and toward the cloud. As part of that strategy, the company transitioned from hosting their own Relativity instance. “It was just a massive amount of data to move,” Daly recalls. “But now, since Epiq hosts everything on their end, they can easily expand the environment. We can turn around and say, ‘Oh, we need more disk space.”’

"Within a couple hours, boom, we have more disk space. ‘Oh, hey, we need another processing server within Relativity.’ Boom. A couple hours and they’ve got another stood up and they’re processing more data than ever before. Hosting with Epiq makes it easier for them to support us and our outside legal firms.”

A solid relationship

Daly appreciates Epiq’s ability to ease milestones and transitions that could be extremely stressful and challenging. License renewal is one such circumstance. “Every time I asked for something, or the legal team or purchasing asked, Epiq responded quickly, getting us what we needed. It helped that we’ve been dealing with the same sales manager through the lives of these contracts. For the eight plus years, he’s been with us.”

Through a series of mergers, Daly has also had to shepherd his department through multiple shifts in email systems. “Epiq has been great,” he says of their ability to navigate the changes. “Especially with this last round when we went from Google to Microsoft. They were very helpful with, for instance, identifying the nuances we might run into with the new Microsoft compliance tool. How do we get email out? How do we get data out of OneDrive? How do we get data out of the SharePoint sites? They were instrumental.”

Daly adds, “It helped that Epiq teams had been through something similar with other, non-Stellantis clients. Our team could tap into those other groups within Epiq who had already done this work. They could train our Epiq team on how to get the data out of the Microsoft environment."

“As I’ve said,” Daly concludes. “It’s just been a very successful partnership. And that’s why we recently signed another four-year agreement with them.”