eGovern for File Share
Migration to Microsoft 365

File Share Migration to Microsoft 365

A Clear Path to Modernizing and Digitally Transforming Departmental File Shares Collaboration in the Cloud  

Looking to move your departmental file shares to Microsoft 365 safely and securely, all done in a Legally Defensible manner? Epiq’s eGovern™ solution can migrate them to M365 quickly and easily, with little to no impact to end users. Users can continue to access the files the way they have for years.  

View our demo below to see how it all works and then contact us to schedule a meeting to learn exactly how eGovern™ can transform and modernize your departmental shares.  


Existing file share environment before migration to M365↓

file share environment before migration to OneDrive

Map destination of file shares to desired M365 location ↓

Map destination of file shares to desired OneDrive location

Watch the first 4 documents in folder… ↓

Watch the first 4 documents in folder

Confirm M365 location ↓

Confirm OneDrive location

No disruption to end users ↓

No disruption to end users

A shortcut to Microsoft 365 is left behind in the file share environment. There is no disruption to end-users.  They still have the same user experience they have had for years.


Data is moved from on premise to cloud, complete with the many cost saving and risk reduction benefits of Microsoft 365, and all done with full end user transparency


  • Reduced Costs
    Greatly reduce costs associated with on premise file share infrastructure (data storage, backup, etc.) Customers have seen hard dollar cost savings in the Millions. Leverage the PBs of data storage that is part of your M365 subscription. 

  • Technical Advantages
    Digitally transform the way your end users share and collaborate on files. Moving to M365OneDrive means better cCompliance and s security,  while empowering your business to better manage and discover your most valuable asset: your data. 

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