Epiq has leveraged Microsoft’s data classification labeling provided through Azure Information Protection (AIP) with Epiq’s file analysis and data classification solution eGovern™.

With data growing exponentially it is becoming increasingly difficult for those responsible for building and enforcing classification policies, retention schedules and other aspects of a programmatic records management plan to rely on archaic manual classification methods.

How we can help

eGovern™ is a data classification solution that both information governance practitioners and end users will love. It eliminates the need for users to manually classify content or “check in” content to another system. It takes the burden of classification off end users so they can focus on their work, but provides them with the transparency and reporting they need to understand the assigned classification and associated retention period, with a simple, defensible means of requesting a retention period extension.

eGovern™ makes it possible for records managers and information governance practitioners to easily enforce policies and demonstrate a consistent and defensible approach to classification, while still providing visibility and empowerment to their end users.

eGovern workflow

  1. Analyze- Reporting and analytics to analyze the content under management. Understand the total content volume, the age of the content (i.e. number of files created before/after a certain date), content access (i.e. content that hasn’t been accessed in the last x number of months), etc.
  2. Classify - Configure and implement rules for how policies will be automatically or manually applied based on users, groups, folders, file location, file content, etc. Includes an intuitive dashboard to help record coordinators understand the total content under management, how the content is dispersed across geographic locations and the percentage of the content that has been classified.
  3. Act - Automated and manual actions to move, copy and/or delete content based on the applied classifications. Includes the ability to apply Legal Holds to suspend actions.

Features include

  • File analysis
  • Classifications with record classes and retention policies
  • Customizable reports
  • Workflow
  • Defensibly move, copy and delete files
  • Shortcutting
  • Legal holds
  • Full text and expression searching with hit highlighting



  • Litigation Risk
  • Infrastructure Costs
  • eDiscovery Costs


  • Compliance
  • Security
  • User productivity and satisfaction


  • The fundamental difficulties in applying classifications to high volume, low touch content
  • Compliance and Risk management concerns about the defensibility and transparency of how policies are enforced

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