Insider Risk

Reduce the threat of inadvertent data leaks and insider attacks

Epiq provides Microsoft 365 Insider Risk Management (IRM) implementation guidance and ongoing support services to enterprises seeking to proactively detect and act on potentially risky behaviors related to employee access to sensitive information.

Insider Risk Management can fit into your existing processes:

  • Strike a balance between risk management and culture, privacy, and compliance needs
  • Identify anomalous and risky actions from real time information and collaboration activities
  • Utilize a common platform to assess whether unusual behavior may be malicious

Use machine learning to identify unusual behavior patterns

Microsoft 365 Insider Risk Management uses native signals from user activities, actions, and communications combined with artificial intelligence to identify potential risks. Integrated workflows based on policies and alerts—including triage, investigate, and action—are available for internal security, compliance, and business stakeholders to assess incidents and remediate risks.

Epiq Solution

As a Microsoft Gold partner, Epiq assists clients with the implementation of Microsoft 365 Insider Risk Management workloads by conducting an initial proof of concept assessment to validate project requirements, followed by a full-scale business process implementation across the entire enterprise. Epiq’s offering also includes quarterly check-ins to ensure original implementation goals continue to be addressed appropriately across all stakeholders and to allow for business process modifications due to changing business needs.

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